EA showcases all-new chemistry styles in FIFA 14


Electronic Arts has added a new metric called Chemistry Styles that will define the quality and performance of your ultimate team.

In the new system, attributes of each player changes depending on the team chemistry. Also each player has his own chemistry (play) style which can be changed getting consumables of chase items from the trasnfer market. With this new system EA is giving the gamer to make a team truely unique, but it also adds a new level of complication to it.


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FIFA 14 lets you create your own unique squad to play your style of football that is possible with all-new chemistry styles that make every player and every team unique.

Like real-world football, chemistry influences a team’s performance so building ideal chemistry within a squad enables a team to perform at its best. Each chemistry style has a unique effect on the way a player performs by enhancing different player attributes. There are a variety of different styles that can be applied at every position.

After crafting squads, fans will be able to test their talents in the popular Seasons mode—now expanded to 10 divisions— or in online single games and tournaments.

Plus, new streamlined search filters will help target coveted players in the Transfer Market as fans re-shape their teams based on the real-world performances of their favourite players.[/toggle]


To know more about the new system check out this article by EuroGamer.

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